Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT) strives to free individuals from injustice and exploitation in East Tennessee. CCAHT educates, equips, and empowers the community to:

  • recognize the signs of human trafficking,
  • take action to end this modern day slavery,
  • and connect victims with restorative resources.
Working collaboratively with frontline organizations like hotels, truck stops and social service agencies, CCAHT helps develop systems and training for the identification and reporting of suspected human trafficking. Through these and other advocacy efforts, CCAHT aims to bring offenders to justice and illuminate a restorative path for victims.  



Knowledge is power and the key to eradicating modern day slavery. Learn more about the problem and how you can be part of ending it.


You can be an ambassador of hope for victims and a voice of change in our community. Help spread the word about human trafficking in Tennessee.


Everyone has something to contribute. CCAHT has numerous opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents to make a difference.


We cannot do this alone. Your generous donations help CCAHT provide the crucial space for counter-trafficking work to thrive.